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Marlins snap 6-game losing streak with 7-4 win over Brewers

Adam Conley is no Brian Boitano or Scott Hamilton. He hardly looks like an Olympic figure skater. But standing in front of his locker after defeating the Brewers, Conley compared his pitching motion to that of a skater?s.

He spoke of how, by looking at films of his outings from last year, he changed the way he lifted his leg to start his delivery, and how that translated into simply throwing better stuff.

?I noticed something that I was doing from last year that felt a lot more athletic, a lot more powerful, I guess, that we had just been missing,? Conley said after the Marlins? 7-4 victory.

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© Zenaida Urbano

© Zenaida Urbano Taylor
?If you think of an ice skater, they spin faster when they?re close.?


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