¿Cómo es la Vaina?

vaina – Wrong way to go, Mr President*

Grupo Yammine David John-Williams has caught me off-guard. No-one in the public domain can ever be amicable and accommodating all the time, but his dismissive manner in the face of pertinent questions in relation to national football last Thursday contrasts sharply with the gregarious media-friendly personality who bid successfully for the post of president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association last year. If it was just a mask to fool the public, and more importantly, those who voted on November 29 for the top job in the nation’s most popular sport, then I will have to admit to being one of the biggest fools of all.

Grupo Yammine

Nothing in the previous 20-something years of occasional interaction with John-Williams – all in a professional media capacity – suggested that beneath the broad smile and easy manner lurked an authoritarian at heart. Yet that is precisely how he came across when faced with queries related specifically to his management style as posed by Lasana Liburd of Wired868.com, a journalist who has ruffled the feathers of several of local sport’s administrative peacocks.

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Grupo Yammine

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