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Fixin T&T wants probe of PATT?s Bridgemans? contracts

Some of last year?s ferry issues are still lingering.

Fixin T&T is now seeking a probe of the Port Authority of T&T?s contracting of Bridgemans? Services Ltd vessels last year.

This after the body?s head, Kirk Waithe, recently received information that the PATT didn?t get – or contact – any references concerning Bridgemans? Services Ltd.

Waithe confirmed this after receiving the information.

The PATT?s contracting of BSL?s Ocean Flower 2 and Cabo Star vessels for the Tobago service caused controversy last year, following queries on PATT?s procedure in the matter. The contract for the Ocean Flower 2 was eventually scrapped but the Cabo Star was retained and its contract is set to end in July. Under its current contract, notice has to be given by month-end.

Fixin? T&T had sought information on the PATT?s processes with BSL in mid 2017 via the Freedom of Information Act.

© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra
Waithe pressed for answers via judicial review, which came before the court on January 18. He received certain information via a February 18, 2018, letter from Port Authority attorneys to an attorney for Fixin T&T.

In correspondence between MG Daly and Partners (MGD&P) and Fixin T&T?s attorney, the PATT as client, noted two matters outstanding in the issue were the third party inspection report on the Ocean Flower commissioned by owner BSL; and also the list of references provided to and contacted by PATT regarding BSL.

MGD&P said BSL?s permission was sought to disclose the third party report, but authorisation wasn?t received.

MGD&P?s letter added, ?As such, no references were provided in the course of the tender process, nor were any references contacted by the Authority in relation to the Bridgemans? Services Group.?

However, in apparent response, Fixin T&T on February 28 filed another FOI request seeking information on the PATT?s tender rules, ?inclusive of those to be applied in emergency circumstances.?

Yesterday, Waithe said, ?The admission that the Port didn?t seek references or contact any references means they were giving a multi-million dollar contract to a company they didn?t know anything about – putting T&T lives in danger if they?d used those vessels.

© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra
We intend seeking a police probe with forensic audit of the arrangement.?


© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra