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RdK Director: Seizure ConocoPhillips possible strategic move


10/05/2018 – Curacao Chronicle. / WILLEMSTAD – Director of the public company Refineria di Korsou RdK (Curaçao Refinery), Roderick van Kwartel says that the seizure by ConocoPhillips may be a strategic move to force PDVSA to sit down with the group.

RdK is the owner of the refinery and represents the government which is the sole shareholder of the company. The refinery does not make any money with RdK, it is the other way around,” according to the director.

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The lawyers of the refinery are currently studying the implications of the seizure. Van Kwartel expects that this will go even further. Van Kwartel believes that ConocoPhillips will seize the accounts of another company owned by the Curaçao government, the Curoil.

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The American company is doing this to increase pressure on the Venezuelan State Company.

RdK is doing everything it can to guarantee the supply of petrol, diesel and gas to the local market and to ensure that the refinery remains open, according to Van Kwartel.

Curoil indicated that the distribution of fuel continues.

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The company has a large stock at its disposal, with which Cura?ao and Bonaire can continue for months ahead.

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This is partly due to the presence of tanker Red Majestic which was moored in February and has a storage capacity of 700,000 barrels.

This alone guarantees a three-month supply, according to Curoil.

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In addition, there are a few tanks on land with enough capacity to guarantee distribution. One of them is on the Isla site, but the company expects to have access to this tank. Curoil has already paid for the content.


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