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Rivalry, envy at work linked to worker?s death

Relatives of Vistabella father Daniel Cooper believe he was executed because of envy and rivalry at his job.

Cooper?s decomposing body was discovered in the bushes off Princes Town yesterday morning, two days after he went missing.

Police obtained video footage showing that Cooper, 29, was abducted while on his way to pick up his daughter at the daycare on Monday.

Given the decomposition of his body, police believe he was murdered shortly after he was taken and his body dumped.

Police also found Cooper?s car ? a Bluebird Sylphy sedan ? at Realise Road, Princes Town around the same time his body was found.

Cooper, an employee at Esau Oilfield in Gulf View, La Romaine, left his workplace at around 4.30 pm to pick up his daughter at her Palmiste daycare, but he never made it.

When the daycare officials called to say he had not picked up his three-year-old child, his relatives began calling his phone without success and then went in search of him. They made a report to the police.

The police subsequently obtained surveillance footage which showed a vehicle intercepting Cooper?s car before he got to the daycare.

Police confirmed that on Tuesday night they received a call from Cooper?s relatives who spotted a vehicle in Princes Town matching the description of the vehicle used in the abduction.

The police subsequently arrested a suspect in Princes Town and impounded the vehicle. Around 9 am, the police, acting on information, went to Borde Narve and Barrackpore where they found the body and the car.

Cooper was still clad in his work coverall.

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Wiping away tears at her home, Cooper?s mother, Naziroon Cooper, said she had prayed that her son ? the second of her six children ? would come back to her alive.

?He did not deserve this.

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They saying that crime down and everyday people suffering because their loved ones are dying.?

His father, Kenneth Cooper, said he went as far as Diego Martin and Icacos in search of his son.

?We see the car (fitting the description of the car used in the abduction) and the man (suspect) in Princes Town and we call the police.

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We were not going to give up looking for Daniel. Right where he (Daniel?s body) was we were circling on Monday. I was feeling Daniel there.?

Kenneth believes his murder was linked to threats his son had been receiving at his workplace since December.

?They shoot him and throw him out the car.

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They did not want the car or the money. It was a hit.?

Asked why he was threatened, the father said, ?Because of work rivalry and envy.?

Kenneth said his son thought about quitting his job but he talked him out of it.

?I told him to hold on for his family?s sake because jobs hard to get,? said the father.

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He said his son never reported the threats because he did not want to make things worse.

Cooper said the crime situation was only going to get worst because the prophecy has to be fulfilled and there was nothing the Government or anyone could do, except give their life to God.

Naziroon described her son as a nice and decent person who loved his wife and daughter dearly.

Expressing condolences to the family, Insp Don Gajadhar said the family got closure, but it was a sad ending.

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Investigators are exploring all angles to ascertain why Cooper was killed.

Up to last evening, the police had three suspects in custody and was searching for a fourth person.

The investigation team is led by ASP Peter Ramdeen, Gajadhar, Sgt Williams, Cpl Bacchus, Cpl Pulchan and officers of the Anti Kidnapping Squad, Homicide Bureau, Southern Division Task Force and San Fernando CID.

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An autopsy is expected to be done today at the Forensic Science Centre, Port-of-Spain.


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