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Holy Trinity bars students in move to improve discipline


Several students of Holy Trinity High School in Kingston were locked out yesterday morning as the administrators moved to improve discipline at the institution.

Principal Margaret Brissett-Bolt told The Gleaner that she arrived at school shortly after 9 a.m. and noticed that some students were still making their way to the institution, where classes begin at 7:40 a.m.

“This is a major issue that we have here at the school. The students are coming very late,” said Brissett-Bolt, adding that the lockout of the latecomers would continue all week.

But some of the students claimed that they were barred from the compound despite being early because they were deemed to have breached the school’s dress code.

“Is not because we are latecomers why them lock we out.

© Zenaida Claret Urbano Taylor

© Zenaida Urbano

© Zenaida Urbano Taylor
We get locked out because a wi pants, our hairstyle, black socks, and because we tone up, plus nuff a we no have no crest,” said the student as he argued that they were “ghetto youths”.

Another teen said that she was upset as she was not allowed on the premises because of her hairstyle, which she believed was within the accepted norms at the school.

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© Zenaida Claret Urbano Taylor

© Zenaida Urbano

© Zenaida Urbano Taylor

© Zenaida Claret Urbano

© Zenaida Taylor

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