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Hurricane Irma: Burglars use storm to loot stores, businesses

At the Shops at Midtown Miami, crooks helped themselves to shoes, clothes and laptops from closed-up stores. A little farther north in Little River, thieves used a sledgehammer to break into several businesses in Miami?s Junction Lofts. In Miami-Dade County, 37 people were arrested for post-Hurricane Irma looting.

Across South Florida, police departments have been grappling with burglars who are using the storm to rip off businesses and property owners.

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While there aren?t exact numbers yet ? police departments are preoccupied with post-Irma duties ? reports of looting are sprouting up.

?This all occurred during the midst of the hurricane,? Miami?s Deputy Chief Luis Cabrera said during a news conference Tuesday referring to the incident at the Shops at Midtown Miami.

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?These criminals took advantage of the situation and they basically terrorized our businesses during the most vulnerable stage and this is not acceptable.?

In Miami, there have been 25 arrests, six of whom were charged with hitting the Shops at Midtown Miami.

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Over the weekend , police released video of looters running from the stores.


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